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Tchernichov Dance Studio, Classical Ballet for the Serious Student.

November 17, 2009
Tchernichov Dance Studio, located at 21 Water Street in Torrington, CT  provies classical ballet training for the serious student. Classes at Tchernichov Dance Studio are taught with the highest integrity with specific regards to the needs of the students. Picking an appropriate level is difficult at times but important in the progression and development in the student’s future. Each class regardless of level is taught with the same idea in mind, to give the students the best quality training to help develop the students to meet their full potential. Whether dance is taken as a recreational art form or with the idea of a future career all students are taught and encouraged in the same way. It is our goal to give each student an exciting opportunity to embrace one of the oldest living art forms, dance.

Newly enrolled students are encouraged to take a trial class if unsure of their level placement to guarantee their optimum success. Listed below are brief descriptions regarding levels and classes offered at Tchernichov Dance Studio. If there are question regarding level placement or class schedule please feel free to contact us at 203-460-1776 or via email at

Ballet Classes at Tchernichov Dance Studio

Adv Ballet (5 days a week): This class is geared for the professional and pre-professional dancer. The class focuses on quality of movement in the Vaganova technique as well as reinforcing already acquired skills. Students will work at a much quicker pace than previous levels and should be able to demonstrate proficiency in the technique. Students enrolled in Adv. Ballet are highly encouraged to take as many classes a week as able including Pointe, Modern, Character and Partnering.

Int. Ballet (Tues and Thurs): This class is geared towards the emerging dance student. Whether this class is taken for recreation or for the process of future progression in the technique, students are given a solid background knowledge in the Vaganova technique. This class is helped to further progress the student into greater understanding and ease in movement.

Beg Ballet (Mon and Wed): This class is geared primarily towards the beginning student. Students who wish to start in the exciting world of ballet or for younger students who wish to progress to higher levels this class will give them the basic skills for success in the future. Students will be given a strong foundation in the Vaganova technique including knowledge in both vocabulary and movement execution.

Childrens Ballet (Tues and Thurs): This class geared towards children encourages them to enjoy the beginning elements of basic movement and ballet technique. The students will focus on gaining skills in both elementary movement such as skipping and jumping as well as beginning skills at the barre and in the center. Students will be taught etiquette in the classroom as well as the chance to explore and discover dance in its greatest form, ballet.

Int. Pointe (Mon and Wed): This class is essential for any student wishing to further their development in the Vaganova technique. This class is taught for students enrolled in Adv. Ballet classes and builds solid pointe work technique on top of their already extensive ballet knowledge. Students will work on developing strength through both classroom exercises and classical variations. Students must present a strong proficiency in ballet technique to be able to participate in Int. Pointe. Those who do not fulfill these requirements are encouraged to take Beg. Pointe in order to progress to this level.

Beg. Pointe (Mon): This class gives students the basic training and skills in Vaganova pointe work. Geared towards the intermediate and beginning ballet students, Beg. Pointe will use classroom exercises both at the barre and in the center to develop strength and proficiency in the technique. Students will learn beginning elements that will be utilize in classical repertory. Students enrolled in Beg. Pointe should be taking a minimum of three ballet technique classes a week to ensure that the students have acquired the appropriate strength and skill in order to successfully participate in pointe work.

Modern (Tues): This class is geared to all levels and abilities allowing students to achieve basic knowledge and understanding in classical modern techniques including Graham, Limon and Horton. Using both floor and center work students will gain knowledge of movement beyond ballet.

Character (Wed): Traditional folk and character dances are taught in this class. A key part of any classical training, character work allows the student to further explore all aspects of classical ballet by teaching specific dances utilized in classical ballets. Both barre exercises and center work helped to strengthen and improve an already solid foundation.

Partnering (Thurs): A chance to work with a partner is essential to any performer. This class allows students to expand their technical abilities by working with a partnering in Vaganova technique. Women must be on pointe and men must demonstrate sufficient strength in order to participate in this class. Students will use classroom exercises and classical pas de deux to achieve skills necessary to perform classical work.

Repertory: This class is not meant for enrollment but time blocked off for future rehearsals. All students interested will be able to learn repertory geared towards performing whether it is in future competition or an in school performance. If necessary this time will be spent on repertory used for future performances.

WINTER 2010. – Classes begin January 1, 2010. For our schedule, click here.

For information on the cost to attend Tchernichov Dance Studio, click here.